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Get Back To Gardening

• Lower monthly water bill
• Keep your curb appeal and property value with a beautiful yard
and a more sustainable home.

• Enjoy planting new plants without the guilt of added water use.
• Add value to your investment every year as water rates rise.

Benefits of Water Recycling

Below are benefits of Greywater, Blackwater, and Rainwater Recycling for Personal on City Water and Sewer, for Personal on Well and Septic System, for the Nation, State, County, Town, and for the Environment.

Return on Investment

The most asked question is "Will my greywater system save me money and how much?" The answer is "Yes," and the amount depends on the number of occupants in the home and your citiy's water and sewer rate. Contact us and we can do a Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) for you. Click the icons on the map below and see what others are saving.

Getting Started

1. Pick a System:

Give us a call and let us help you pick the correct system for your application and budget.

2. Pick an Installer: 

We can work with your contractor or supply you with one of our accredited or preferred contractors.

3. Get an Estimate:

Let us do a return on investment analysis to see how much money you can save.

4. Get your System:

Typically we deliver the systems onsite and give an installation consultation confirming
the installation is done correctly.

Grey Hub Irrigation is the Master Distributer and Authorized Service Center for Advanced Waste Water Systems Australia in the USA.

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Home Laundry and Small Diversions



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Homes on Raised Foundations and Remodels


From $2200-2400

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Two-Stage Install/New Homes on Slab



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Large Homes and Commercial Use



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AWWS Logo is the World Leader in Greywater System Diversion

~ With over 12 years experience in grey water system diversion for gardens.

~ Competent and Qualified design staff.

~ More than 7,000 systems installed world wide (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel,    Morocco, England, Chili and the USA).

~ A wide range of Award winning Greywater systems to suit residential and commercial applications.

~ A unique Patented Self Cleaning System.

~ AWWS is uncontested world leader in Greywater system Diversion for Gardens.

AWWS Systems are currently installed in Homes, Wineries, Sports Clubs, Retirement Homes, Business Buildings, and RV Resorts, recycling millions of gallons world wide.

Grey Hub Irrigation has a wide range of systems from DIY Laundry to Landscape to Commercial Treatment Systems. We offer Design and Engineering for projects large and small.


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